Teacher development- make it evidence based and relevant  It is what teachers do and how they do it they has the greatest effect on achievement- at least in terms of what can be changed on a wide scale and almost immediately. Hattie (2009) doesn’t mince his words when he considers the value of the evidence that he has spent decades compiling: “We can do damage in schools- and I do not just mean those teachers that have zero or negative gains over a year. I mean those teachers and schools that do not achieve the higher effects that so many of our children do achieve. The others are condemned to mediocrity and lesser opportunities... The devil in the story is not the negative, criminal, and incompetent teacher, but the average, let’s get through the curricula, behave, be busy, we are ‘all friends here’ teacher who has no idea of the damage he or she is doing.” Such strong words- but are they wrong? If you have children, do you want them taught by people deceived by Snake Oil, or by teachers who have been trained to apply, and therefore explore, teaching methods that are evidenced to work, methods that enhance achievement and lead to successful lives? The value of staff development
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